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SES Expert Peter Rybarczyk in JLSS

Peter Rybarczyk Training JLSS TrainersSES Expert Peter Rybarczyk took an assignment in JLSS from 26 June till 10 July 2022 to train Industrial Electricity trainers to better use the advanced Lucas Nülle equipment we have. This equipment was kindly donated to our school by the Rotary Foundation in December 2012.
The Rotary Foundation sponsored the first training seminar of this equipment, but the trainers that were trained at that time retired and left JLSS. Our new trainers needed training to use this advanced equipment to its potential.
Peter's visit was planned to be one week longer but it was cut short due to Eed al-Adha holiday.
Our trainers are now able to use the Lucas Nülle equipment competently in their training of students. They acquired all the necessary skills to make the best use of this equipment.
Peter's style of training was admirable. He didn't give the information directly but rather guided the trainers in the way that led them to finding the information themselves.
This is the most successful method of training which we commend Peter for.
He worked with trainers individually based on the particular skills of each trainer in addition to working with them as a group. He built on the particular skills of each trainer.
The training took place through the ideal rapport that Peter established with our trainers. He not only advanced their skills but also enhanced their self-confidence through the knowledge they were led to acquire.
We express our most sincere gratitude to Peter Rybarczyk and SES (Senior Expert Service of Germany) for this very successful training assignment.

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