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the introduction of the dual system to our vocational department required us to update some of our machinery and equipment. as we only had one milling machine in the general mechanics department, we brought our need for more machines to the attention of gtz (deutsche gesellschaft für technische zusammenarbeit) lebanon. prof. dr. michael guder immediately responded to our request by asking the program coordinator of our vocational department, mr. nasr debs, to look for one that is available in lebanon. after weeks of searching that extended from beirut to the town of nabatiyeh in the south of lebanon, a suitable milling machine was found. it is a used german-made machine that is in a very good condition. gtz kindly paid its cost (€ 7,500) and all the charges for transporting it to our school. we now have two milling machines that will enable our dual system students to train more adequately.  in our regular class of ten students, each student now has double the time he previously had on milling machines. this makes our students better trained and our trainers much happier as their classes are less pressured. we express our sincere gratitude to gtz and prof. dr. michael guder for this kind donation and their wonderful support of our school.
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